Two-Way Spanish Immersion (Dual Immersion) at Richard Bard Elementary School

For more information, please contact the Bard School Office at 488-3583 or email Principal Mirta Alcantar at  malcantar@hueneme.org.

Did you know...

Richard Bard Elementary School has one of the longest-running dual immersion schools in Ventura County.

Our first cohort began in 2005, and many of those students are attending Hueneme High School, where they are enrolled in advanced Spanish classes.

Bard School offers a Two-Way Immersion 50:50 model where the students receive instruction in English 50% of the time and in Spanish 50% of the time. All students have two teachers and two classrooms, one in English and one in Español.

Guiding Principles of Richard Bard Elementary School's Two-Way Immersion Program

  1. Students will become bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish.
  2. Students will attain academic success in both languages, meeting or exceeding the California Common Core State Standards.
    1. California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
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    3. California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts
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  3. Students will gain a cultural understanding of both language cultures.