Change in student dismissal

 Beginning this Monday 9/27/2021 , instead of parents coming on to the campus, teachers will walk the students to the gate near the kinder parking lot.  There will be signs posted with the name of each teacher, the grade level and the room number. Teacher will be standing near their class sign; please look for your child near the sign so that your child can be released. 

Your children brought home two colored cards with the information you will look for when you come to pick up your child. Grade 1 signs are red, grade 2 signs are blue and grade 3 signs are green. If your child is picked up by the babysitter, please give one to her so that she knows where to look for your child. 

Remember that grades 1 and 2 dismiss at 2:35 and grade 3 dismisses at 2:45. Parents Of 3rd grade students should stay back toward the sidewalk so that there is more space for parents in lower grades.