Children with a science experiment

Education extends far beyond the subjects of math, language arts, history and science. Within Hueneme Elementary School District, there are numerous clubs and enrichment programs that inspire students to learn beyond the textbook. These enrichment programs encourage friendship, team building and skill strengthening. All programs take place after school as extra-curricular activities and are offered at each school throughout HESD.

Why Enrichment?

These programs have been created to do just that– to enrich the learning lives of each student who participates, both educationally and developmentally. Outside of their “extracurricular” genre, enrichment programs across the country have been shown to directly improve reading and math skills once students return to the classroom.

More than that, continued participation in enrichment groups has been proven to lower school dropout rates, reduce social challenges and prepare students for higher education.

And what better way to discover new interests, develop work ethic and increase a desire to learn? All of this and more is available at your student’s disposal when they sign up for an after-school enrichment program.

Who Can Sign Up?

• Students who like a challenge

• Students who are striving to reach their full potential

• Students who want to discover new interests

• Students who simply like to have fun

In short, anyone and everyone can sign up!

What Kinds of Programs Are Offered?

Each school in the Hueneme Elementary School District offers programs to explore new possibilities. All campuses have programs within the performing and visual arts sphere. A majority of the schools also offer introductions to chemistry and nutritional sciences.

Both E.O. Green Junior High and Blackstock Junior High proudly offer a Mariachi program to promote musical talents and celebrate culture!

School Musicals

Are you interested in performing in a school musical production? If so, this year-long class is for you. Students will learn acting techniques, prepare stage props, sing, dance and put on a live theater performance at the end of the school year.

Actors Lab

Students learn a variety of acting techniques through games, pantomime, improvisation, mini-scenes and choral reading.

Hip Hop & Latin Dancing

Students learn step by step how to dance to popular dance styles today and for a lifetime.

Visual Arts

Every child is an artist! Participation in this program will develop the artist that lives within your student!


Learn about the rich history, culture, costumes and bright sound of mariachi!

Chem Kidz

Conduct physical and chemical experiments and learn what makes them work. Make your own desiccators and elephant toothpaste, grow copper sulfate crystals and get ready for an instant snowstorm! All reactions are done outdoors, and students are required to wear protective gear.

To find out specifics on what programs your student’s school offers and space availability, contact your school's front office.